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What to Do if You Find an Injured Bird

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First, try to determine if the bird really does need medical attention. Often a bird may fly into a window and be simply stunned. Waiting may reveal that the injury was temporary and that the bird can fly away. Baby birds sometimes seem helpless if they have just left the nest. Waiting may reveal that the bird can fly or that the parent is nearby and will help.

If you have found an injured bird and have questions or are uncertain who or where or how to transport the bird, you can contact your local Wildlife Capture and Transport permitee, Leah Neveil at 717-263-9162.  She can help to figure out if the bird needs to go to a rehabilitator and how to get it there.  Keep in mind, that the sooner the bird is tended to by a professional rehabilitator, the better the probability of a good outcome. 

Rehabilitators sometimes specialize in particular kinds of birds, so consider that. Rehabilitators are usually volunteers with limited resources and would appreciate any donation to help offset their expenses. Some veterinarians are also willing to help injured wild animals.
These websites provide information about rehabilitators:
PA Wildlife Rehabilitators:
The PA Game Commission may be able to send someone to look at an injured animal, if a Wildlife Conservation Officer is available. For our southcentral PA region call 814-643-1831 or 814-643-9635.
MD Wildlife Rehabilitators:
National List of Rehabilitators: