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These trips are a great way for both the beginner and the more experienced observer to learn, share knowledge, and explore the area. Families are encouraged to participate; children with an adult are welcome. Binoculars, a field guide, and a CB radio are recommended. No pets. When on a trip, remember to promote the welfare of birds and their environment. Always respect the law and the rights of others.

* Is responsible for all aspects of trip.
* If unable to fulfill some task, must find substitute who can do it.
* Typical tasks:
          * Outline the field trip - where and when to meet, where you are going, what participants should bring, walking rigors, carpooling, cost sharing,
             rest stops, bathroom breaks, likely species, ending time, inclement weather plans, etc.
          * Provide trip details and contact information to Publicity Chair ~3 months in advance of overnight trips.
          * Announce trip at meeting ~ 1-2 months in advance, depending on complexity of arrangements.
          * Circulate sign-up sheet as necessary.
          * Provide maps or directions to meeting place, as appropriate.
          * Facilitate car pooling.
          * Get permission to visit sites as needed.
          * Arrange for block of rooms for overnight trip; inform members how/when to make reservations.
          * Become familiar with the area prior to the trip.
          * Arrive at the meeting place 10-15 minutes before the starting time.
          * Bring species checklist, CAS membership applications.
          * Greet participants as they arrive; make sure everyone is introduced.
          * Complete a checklist of the birds seen on the trip and provide to Records chair.
          * Give brief report of trip highlights at next meeting.

* Sign up in advance (no later than 6 PM on the day before the scheduled trip) so that leader has a rough idea of who and how many are planning to go on trip.
* For overnight trips, arrangements for lodging will be made by the trip leader, inform the leader on a timely basis if you cannot attend. You are responsible for paying any fees for cancellations.
* Arrive at the field trip meeting place ten to fifteen minutes before the stated time to ensure you are not left behind.
* If feasible, arrange car pooling arrangements in advance.
* Be prepared with binoculars, appropriate clothing (including protection from ticks), food and water.

* Announce trip in Franklin County papers and other venues. Provide contact information for leader.

* Maintain records of field trips (species list, at a minimum).

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